Top 4 Myths About Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers…Do They Really Deserve The Bad Wrap?

Divorce_LawyerGreed.With the sheer number of lawyer jokes that abound, it’s no wonder that people have misconceptions about divorce lawyers. The fear of a money hungry lawyer leaving your finances in ruins is one of many reasons why people dread the financial impact of divorce. The reality, however, is that there are plenty of divorce lawyers out there who will actually make your divorce simpler and easier. The myth that all divorce lawyers are greedy is just one of many misconceptions.



Here are the top 4 myths about divorce lawyers.

1. All divorce lawyers are expensive

Some divorce lawyers are expensive. Other divorce lawyers will provide you with legal services for a reasonable cost and will work with you to establish a payment plan or payment structure that is comfortable for your budget. Finding a divorce lawyer who charges a reasonable price for legal services is one of the best things you can do for yourself during a divorce, as your lawyer can help you to significantly reduce both the stress and the time associated with ending your marriage.

2. Divorce lawyers make the process more contentious

When you are getting a divorce from your spouse, it’s best to work out issues ahead of time and simply draft a settlement that the court can sign off on. This is called an uncontested divorce. Unfortunately, for many couples ending their marriage, there are plenty of contested issues, from who is going to get custody of the kids to how your marital property should be divided.

Ask yourself this- is it better for you to try to negotiate (fight) over these issues with someone you dislike enough to divorce, or is it better for your lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer (both trained experts in negotiation and familiar with divorce law) to try to work out an arrangement on your behalf. The answer to this question makes it very clear that it is a major myth to assume that a divorce lawyer will make the divorce more contentious.

3. Lawyers just want to end up in court

Hiring a divorce lawyer can help you to keep issues from needing to be litigated in court. Your divorce attorney will be familiar with your rights and with the process of divorce and can help you to work out a divorce settlement. This is especially true when you work with attorneys who specialize in uncontested divorce.

4. Lawyers care only about making money, not about clients

Lawyers are bound by a legal code of ethics promulgated by the American Bar Association that requires them to care about their clients’ interests. Attorneys owe their clients a fiduciary duty- the highest legal duty under the law. They also owe them a duty of competent representation and truthfulness, both of which assure that your lawyer will represent you to the best of his ability and that you will benefit from the full extent of the legal training and background that your attorney has.

Now that you know about the major myths associated with divorce lawyers, you should have a better understanding of why hiring divorce lawyers is a good idea when contemplating divorce.

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