“To Catch a Predator” Host Chris Hansen In The Hot Seat

chris hansen

The host of the popular NBC television show (which catches on camera those who contact people who are believed to be underage) has lost what would have been an awesome promotion as the new ‘Dateline’ anchor because of a new scandal.

Ann Curry, who’s the current anchor, is leaving for the top job at ‘Today’ which would have set up Hansen to take her place next month. NBC is now saying, “No, no, no, no, no, no” (cueDestiny’s Child music) because of his cheating ways.

The National Enquirer set up hidden cameras to catch Chris Hansen cheating on his wifewith a Florida TV news reporter 20+ years his junior. Talk about irony since Hansen’s ‘To Catch a Predator’ show does the exact same thing (well, almost the same thing) since cheating on your wife may be disgusting but not illegal as in trying to arrange hooking up with a minor. Someone at the National Enquirer does not like Hansen!

I have to admit I feel a bit sorry for Chris, and I usually don’t sympathize with men who cheat on their wives. Yes, I’m disappointed (I love his show!) but we all make mistakes. Fortunately for you and me they aren’t caught on tape, put on the front cover of a tabloid, and cost us big fat promotions.

What’s next for Chris Hansen (besides the big possibility of divorce)? There’s buzz that there are naughty photos of Mr. Hansen that he sent to his mistress. Could they leak, get published and put the finishing touches on the end of his career?

This Divorce Guru hopes not, as no one can catch a wrongdoer like Chris. Well, except for the National Enquirer!

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