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Divorce Has Lasting Toll on Health

Even With Remarriage, Disease Risk Elevated Divorce and the death of a spouse frequently have long-term negative consequences for health, even in people who remarry, new research shows. It is clear that a…

The Top 5 Mistakes Divorced Parents Make

How to split up without emotionally destroying your kids. Breaking up is hard to do. Divorce and its complications are the themes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s hit Emmy award-winning sitcom, The New Adventures of…


Why Playing America’s Greatest Pastime Sucked After My Parents’ Divorce

Confessions Of A Divorce Kid: The Awkward Baseball Game It’s the bottom of the ninth. Full count, two outs and the bases are loaded. I could win the game with one accurate swing….


5 Financial Tips for Anyone Getting Divorced

Divorce and Finances Are A Tricky Business Divorces are notorious for causing a big financial strain on both parties involved. You’ve undoubtedly seen many high profile divorce cases where one spouse lost nearly…

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