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Post Affair Chatter

When a partner has cheated, not only is the disclosure excruciatingly painful for the victim on an emotional level… their search for answers can be frustrating. And the cause of this frustration is…


Tom Cruise just filed a $50 million lawsuit

The Divorce Battle Continues for Tom Cruise just filed a $50 million lawsuit against Life & Style and In Touch magazines, claiming the mags defamed him by reporting he had abandoned 6-year-old Suri….


Will Facebook Destroy Your Marriage?

  It turns out that one of the most significant impacts that the rapid spread of Facebook is having on society may be … destroying marriages? The Telegraph reports that by reconnecting old flames and…

Divorce_Health Care

Divorce and Your Health Insurance

Maintaining Your Health Insurance After Divorce Your health is the most important asset you have, and health insurance coverage is a close second. If your health insurance is through your spouse’s employer, once…


This Test Will Reveal If You’re Headed For A Split

Divorce Readiness Questionnaire I am a family lawyer, but I don’t sell divorce. I often hear something like this from prospective clients: “I’m not sure that I want a divorce. Things have been…


Divorce, Politics and The Obama’s

Divorce Political Style As we enter in to the Presidential campaign season we all know to prepare ourselves for an onslaught of accusations, assertions and, sometimes, outright lies in an attempt to sway…


The Mind-Blowing Deception My Husband Pulled Off

I Was Married to a Con Man If my husband had been Pinocchio, his nose would have been a giant redwood. While we were married, I thought he was a real boy. Once…

Divorce Mistakes

40…Actually 41 Things you should NOT Do To Win Your Divorce

 Divorce Mistakes From time to time I get divorce cases that really make me scratch my head and wonder what in the heck people were thinking when they decided to get married in…


What All Single Divorced Mothers Can Learn From Barack Obama’s Mom

The Mythological Parent For any single divorced mother hoping that her child will succeed despite the drawbacks of having to carve out a career while organizing grocery shopping, school work, penny pinching and…


10 Reasons Women In Their 40s Have Affairs

Women In Their 40s Are Having Great Sex… Just Not With Their Husbands   Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed a growing number of married couples in my fortysomething peer group calling…

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