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It’s Tax Time, Find Out If You Can Claim Your eX On Your Tax Return.

Can I Claim My eX On My Tax Return? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a variety of tax rules that apply to divorced or divorcing couples. These rules affect your ability to…

Divorce and Hidden Assets

Divorce and Hidden Assets

Divorce and Hidden Assets Not surprisingly, assets are often hidden in a divorce situation. Why – well simply greed, or the feelings of betrayal or anger at the need to divide assets in…


Emotional And Financial Costs Of Divorce Are On The Rise

How Much Will Your Divorce Cost You? While divorce rates have been in a slight decline in recent years, the emotional and financial effects of divorce are rising exponentially.  Battles and bickering over…


Make Certain To Include Tax Planning In Your Divorce

Warning! Don’t violate the Child Contingency Rule! If any amount of alimony specified in the divorce decree is reduced (a) upon the happening of any contingency related to the child or (b) at…

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