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This Test Will Reveal If You’re Headed For A Split

Divorce Readiness Questionnaire I am a family lawyer, but I don’t sell divorce. I often hear something like this from prospective clients: “I’m not sure that I want a divorce. Things have been…

Divorce Mistakes

40…Actually 41 Things you should NOT Do To Win Your Divorce

 Divorce Mistakes From time to time I get divorce cases that really make me scratch my head and wonder what in the heck people were thinking when they decided to get married in…


Is Lust Ever Worth Breaking Up Your Marriage?

What Cheating Spouses Often Realize Too Late   “Regrets. I’ve had a few,” Frank Sinatra crooned in his famous song. But how often do people regret their divorces? Even thrice-married Donald Trump once revealed…

Divorce_Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence And Its Effects

Effects of Exposure to Domestic Violence From Childhood to Adult Life One of the many problems for children exposed to domestic violence, is that for some, it comes to be included amongst their…


3 Things Women Must Do When Divorcing an Abusive Partner

Three Key Steps to Help a Woman Protect Her Finances When Leaving an Abusive Marriage Chris Brown’s performance and Best R&B Album win at the Grammy Awards earlier this month upset many women’s…


Proposed Reforms To The Family Law System On Child Protection

Child Abuse, Divorce and Custody….What To Expect The importance of the desired effect of the Gillard government’s proposed reforms to the Family Law system on child protection have been highlighted by the release of a…

Divorce_Killing him

Divorced But I Could Still Kill Him

Divorced From A Deadbeat Twelve years ago, during a round of court appearances initiated by my former-spouse (post-divorce to reduce child support), my attorney told me that in all the years of practicing…


Are your friends helping or hurting your divorce?

Who do you spend the most time with? Are they happy optimistic people or bitter victims? Why do I ask? Because research shows that moods are contagious and in less than the time…


Does the Drink have your Marriage on the Brink of Divorce?

Divorce and Alcoholism Have A Direct Correlation. If you have been considering a divorce from your partner because of the problems in your marriage due to excessive drinking, please read on. Over half…

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