Social Networking taking its toll on Relationships leading to Divorce

Divorce and Facebook, Watch Out

Divorce_FacebookSocial networking sites have become very popular in recent past. There is a long list of social networking sites which are available that would help you  stay connected with your loved ones. They include face book, twitter, orkut, Google + and many more.

It becomes really difficult in this technology driven and hectic schedule to take special initiatives and meet each other. In such case, these social networking sites come handy to stay connected irrespective of our geographic location and busy schedule.

However, apart from the merits of the social networking sites, there are some disadvantages also. One has to be aware of both its advantages and disadvantages to make a better use of them. There has been an increase in number of divorce cases in the recent past due to excessive usage of social networking.

It has turned out to be a very grave problem and has been a cause of concern for the urban society for its survival. Many research studies have been conducted in the recent past to study the effects of these social networking sites on relationships.

A recent study report brings about a shocking conclusion that one among five divorces cases in United States is a result of comprising photos found on Facebook posted by their spouse. It all begins with finding your old school or college days crush or the person you always dreamed about and get connected to them via face book or any other social networking sites.

You tend to spend longer time chatting with them and later on also take up special initiatives and meet each other. All these would lead to a new relationship which gradually moves on to having an extra martial affair.

Some people spend their leisure time searching about beautiful profiles and adding them as friends. These sites would tempt you to indulge in such activities that would end up in having an extra marital affair and then divorce.

In such cases, you need to discuss with your divorce lawyers before taking up this extreme step. You can discuss with your partner about it and also can go in for a counseling session that might change your mind.

One of the major causes that may lead to divorce is lack of communication. The time spend on these sites have also increased a lot leading to less time for your partner. All these may lead to differences among the couples.

Later on the partner may get seriously involved in the new relationship that his/her spouse would be totally deserted. If this similar situation persists for a long time then divorce becomes the ultimate solution.

Hence, it is extremely necessary to undertake a judicious and efficient use of these social networking sites. Otherwise, it is sure to take a toll on your relationships leading to increasing number of divorce cases.

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Aaron Dishon provides information about Divorce Lawyers.

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