As a premier internet divorce and separation community, we aim to  provide information and advice about all aspects of the process including divorce law, divorce lawyers,  family issues, children and divorce, mediation, counseling and other divorce-related issues. Finding the right advocate is paramount and at eXmagazine we feel COLLABORATIVE LAW and Lawyers are a superior way to divorce. We understand that both parties need to recognize and value a COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE, and that sometimes expensive and harmful litigation must occur, which eX endorsed lawyers can provide as well. However, we have gathered a list separated first by state, then by county of the countries most esteemed FAMILY LAWYERS, presented below. We are working dilegently, behind the scenes to continually update this list and to add to the COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE professionals to include COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE financial experts, counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, coaches and Guardian Ad Litems.  These experts wholly understand the benefits of a COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE and aim, like eXmagazine, to ease the process and wain the pain that often occurs as a result.



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  • BC Divorce
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  • NW Territories Divorce
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