Here’s some hard-earned wisdom that I shared with my daughter recently. Yeah, she’s only 11 but it’s never too early to tell your kids the truth.
In any relationship, if you are waiting for something to happen to make things better or good, (i.e. bigger house, more money, less stressful job) then your relationship is not right to begin with. In the right relationship, things that *happen* don’t matter.
Regardless of events, stresses, babies, kids, jobs, friends, lack of friends, small house, big house, cardboard box, caviar or ramen noodles…you are always going to “be ok” because you have each other and you are going through it together.

I spent too many years waiting for the next thing to make things better. I thought when we made more money, we’d be happy – nope. When we got a bigger house, nope. Move out of state, nope. Move back home, nope. Bigger house, more money, nope. When the last house was built, the *dream house* and it was more like prison than home…I knew things would never be ok. It took almost 15 years and I don’t want my kids to waste their lives like that. Anyway, thought I’d share it here too.

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