Oh, and equally as important-

– When I make dinner, and ask him to set the table, he’ll push whatever it is that on it to one side (usually the side I sit on!) He’ll plunk down 3 dishes, get himself a cup and silverware and I guess me and my daughter have to get our own.

-Has nearly finished his dinner while I make sure our daughter has everything she needs and that her food is cut up.

– I spend my entire meal refocusing her, trying to get her to eat, not eat w/ her hands, keep her in her chair while he stuffs his face. Then when they’re both done, they leave the table and I eat my cold dinner alone.

– When we’re out at a restaurant, same thing- face down in his plate while I make sure my daughter isn’t acting like an animal. 9 times out of 10, my full meal comes home in a takeout box. If I call him on it, he glares at me, tells her to stop doing whatever it is and goes back to eating.

aaaaargh!!!! I hate him!

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  1. Sheesh just move on!

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