Marry Me or You Will Be Sorry

“I don’t know. It just got so hard… and she’s…” replied Mr. Big.


I know it’s cliché to quote “Sex and the City,” but it’s still so relevant.

This episode revealed to girls like me what we’ve subconsciously known for a long time: We are the type of girls you should be with, but you don’t want to be with.

Mr. Big was probably going to finish that statement with “easy.” Natasha, his soon-to-be wife, is easy — as in, she just goes with the flow. She doesn’t get angry or challenge him to be better.

She nods and laughs and is always comfortable. She’s sweet and good-natured and lets him do whatever he wants.

Carrie is complicated, I am complicated. She doesn’t put up with not getting everything she deserves and neither do I…at least not anymore. She craves more from Big, I craves more from everyone. She has opinions and a life and dreams for the two of them together, and even for herself without him or any other. She sometimes argues with him at inopportune times because she’s passionate and emotional, and she cares and let’s face it…there is no time like the present.

Not that Natasha doesn’t care. But, she is a basic girl, simple, who wants to keep the peace at any cost, even if that means she put her needs aside which most easy, simple women do. Her mind isn’t quite as analytical and imaginative as Carrie’s, so she can put up with more of his crap, his emotional absence, his lack of compassion. She’s just simple, a word I would hate to be used about me, EVER!

I am not simple. I am a challenge for any man, I will admit. As hard as I try to be the simple girl, it is just not in my nature to be one. I demand more from everyone because I see great potential and I think men just get lazy and they want a simple woman like they want a simple recliner but how alluring is his Lazy Boy?

I only want the best for myself and for my partner, so I will never just go along with some semblance of a mediocre, passionless relationship. Actually, I should rephrase that, I tried to go along and live in a passionless relationship but it sucked every bit of spunk, courage and intensity that I had become known for. Never again, ever will I allow that to happen.

An unevolved man or a boy will always want the simple girl. He doesn’t want to have to work hard for anything, especially not a relationship. He doesn’t want to be challenged or confronted, he just wants sex on demand like a DVR…view past episodes over and over again, even when you know the boring outcome.

But, a real man knows that by being with a complicated girl, he will be better for it. At times, this girl can be difficult, but he knows her intentions are good or at least he should. With healthy communication, the relationship will become stronger but often times these men, and I use that term loosely are lazy and scared to connect with a woman that can spar with gusto; who can put it on the tee and sink any BS that is thrown at her.

This is the type of girl you should marry. You may think it’s not what you want, but you want her. The easy girl will never satisfy you. She will be sweet and common and completely uninspiring. She will always leave you wanting more like an itch that can never be scratched.

Even stubborn Mr. Big came to realize he didn’t want it easy, and he ended up cheating on Natasha… with Carrie. Gentlemen, let’s cut out the middle man and just marry Carrie…marry me!

Complicated girls are creative and, at times, emotional. She may also have a touch of what some people call “crazy” or “bitchy.” But, no one will love you better and guys please remember too that hot and crazy go together 100% of the time!

No one will encourage you to follow your dreams. You will have many deep conversations with her that make you question your beliefs and ideas. She will outsmart you on many occasions and it won’t always be easy, but it will be more satisfying and always entertaining and unpredictable.

A simple girl has a simple mind. Things won’t be so hard when you are with this girl; it will be calm seas and smooth sailing. This is the type of girl you probably imagine yourself marrying, not the one who is opinionated and smart, who doesn’t always agree.

But, if you want to be the best you can be and expand your mind and capabilities, marry the complicated girl; marry me!

Marry the girl who tells you exactly what she expects and follows through; marry me!

Marry the girl who demands your respect; marry me!

Marry the girl who can talk politics, even if her opinions are different from yours; marry me!

Marry the girl whose eyes flicker with passion about a number of different subjects; marry me!

Marry the girl who won’t let you get away with slacking on your talents; marry me!

Marry the girl who pushes you to be better every day; marry me!

Marry the girl with whom you sometimes fight or who is too damn busy to fight; marry me!

Marry the girl who is your equal or greater; marry me…but only if you have a career and don’t live with your parents.

Don’t get me wrong; a complicated girl can be a pain in the can and you will be constantly searching for what makes her happy, but once you discover it, this is the girl who will become wife material. And, once she’s at that point, you better never let her get away, or you’ll risk losing the best thing you ever had.



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