After the “Divorce Dust” Settles Get Into The World Of Living

Take Your Power Back After Divorce

Divorce_GettingOutThereWhen the dust has settled and everything begins to take on a sense of normalcy, the reality of divorce sets in. The reality is that you are no longer part of a couple. Does that mean that life is over? No, it’s just begun! It’s not necessarily better or worse; just different. It’s time to embrace your new life after divorce and make the most of it. Rediscover the real you…the one that must be developed, loved and nurtured in order to thrive.If there are kids involved, then it is your job to provide them with a sense of security after divorce. Your strength and example confirm that life goes on and that you can all survive in your new roles. They must feel loved by you, even if you are struggling at the moment. Help them to express their feelings to you and their dad so that they continue to feel important and they know they are loved. This is a new chapter in their life, as well. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of using them as pawns between you and your former spouse. They have feelings and it’s your job as a co-parent to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

It is normal to feel lost and confused at times, but don’t let yourself stay in that place… it’s time to take back your power. You are a strong and capable woman, so step up and take control of your life. No one else is there to help make decisions. It’s all about you. Don’t let this drag you down, or make you feel bad. It’s meant to lift you up! You have the power to control your life now!

Now’s the time to recharge your batteries and rediscover what made you tick before marriage. You may not be able to go back to exactly what that was, especially if you are now a single parent, but perhaps you can find something better. Maybe your passions have changed over time or maybe it’s time to explore new ones. Whatever you do, don’t just turn inward. Make decisions and take action on those decisions.

Embrace your new life. Travel when your kids are away, pick up a new hobby, find a career you are passionate about…whatever it takes to get into the world of living and not just existing, do it. The past is the past and the entire world lies ahead. Don’t go out into the world just to find the next person to marry. Try your hand at living for you. Life does not have to be about living in pairs. It can truly be about living life on your own terms, but only if you will let yourself. Your life is not over after divorce…it’s just beginning!

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