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What you need to understand is that narcissists aren’t going to get it.  They won’t read an article on narcissism and say “oh wow that’s me!”  On the contrary, they are likely to say “Oh wow that’s my ex!”  Because narcissists project!  They can’t see themselves objectively!  They are clueless about how their own behavior affects others, or if they do have a clue, they don’t care!

So don’t waste your time, energy and most of all your integrity, trying to get the narcissist to “get it!”  Instead you’ve got to “get it!”  It is up to you to “get” that the narcissist isn’t going to “get it!”

I understand that most of us want the narcissist to be accountable and take responsibility for their cruel and abusive behavior, but guess what?  It won’t happen!  This is why we suffer from a lack of closure and have to find that closure within ourselves.  Our closure comes from finally realizing that we aren’t going to get what we want or need from the narcissist.  The very nature of  is a lack of accountability and responsibility for his/her actions and behavior.  The narcissist projects and blames.  You are powerless to change that!  The only person you have the power to change is YOU!
It is useless to send articles or information to the narcissist or worst yet to tell them directly they are a narcissist!  It will not bring you the results you are looking for.

The only true way to healing is to focus on yourself and what YOU need to heal and recover from such an ordeal.  The books, articles and newsletters are for YOU.  This healing path is for YOU.  You are the one who has the chance at having a healthy life filled with love and compassion for others.  You are the one who will heal!  Believe in yourself!

Healing takes time, but if you stay true to YOU and stick to the path of recovery, you will get there.


-Kaleah LaRoche

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