First post here… and I need advice. I’ve been married for 10 months but we’ve been together for 3 years and have known each other for 10, so it’s not like we’re new to each other, and we have a 6 month old son. It’s been a tough year, we’re both first time parents and we don’t really make a lot of money so we have the standard stresses. He is a good father… He has flaws, drinks too much sometimes and can be irresponsible, but what man isn’t right? But we’ve been fighting more lately, and the last few fights have left me drained and

What I wonder is, does this get easier? Or is it like parenthood, where it just changes constantly. Ladies in successful marriages, was the first year tough? Neither he nor I have anyone to look up to, both sets of parents have divorced and remarried multiple times. I would love to hear from anyone that has been married for a while or just has some advice! (forgive the format, I couldn’t figure out how to fix the breaks!)

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