Divorce_Killing him

Divorced But I Could Still Kill Him

Divorced From A Deadbeat Twelve years ago, during a round of court appearances initiated by my former-spouse (post-divorce to reduce child support), my attorney told me that in all the years of practicing…

Divorce_Court Orders

Divorce Court Orders Got You Down?

Divorce Court Orders Are NOT Cast In Stone Even if you think a Court Orders Are Cast in Stone, there is a belief amongst some parents that Court orders regarding parenting matters are…


Trust After Divorce

How long does it take to rebuild trust? Sometimes it’s couples where one partner has had an affair. Other times it’s between parents and a teen where the teen has stolen, lied or…


Divorce: Aceptance of your New Reality

Letting Go And Moving On After A Divorce What do you think of people who are detached from reality?  People that are seemingly living in a world of their own making?  It’s unnerving…

Divorce_Broken Heart

How To Forget Someone Who Broke Your Heart From Divorce

Step by step guide on how to heal from a broken heart from Divorce Is it possible to forget someone who broke your heart? Yes!! It’s totally free and very possible for anyone…


Freedom is the Reward for Letting Go After Divorce

“Without freedom from the past, there is no freedom at all, because the mind is never new, fresh, innocent.”_Krishnamurti The ability to move on after your divorce entails the letting go of the…


How Can I Stop Hating My Ex?

Divorce Sense It can be so exhausting hating your ex! Your anger flares into rage; resentment keeps you awake at night dreaming of payback. How can you let go of the pain and…

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