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12 Things That Are More Harmful Than Cheating and No. 6 is something you probably do without even realizing it.

Cheating is definitely one quick, big way to absolutely annihilate a relationship, but as a recent Ask Reddit thread pointed out, there are plenty of other things that are much more potent when it comes…

Healing and Moving On

Whether or not you believe in karma, fate, or destiny, we do have a great deal of control over many things that occur in our lives. Our outlook and the way in which…


Things No One Tells You About Divorce

Things people would benefit from knowing prior to divorce: You’re braver than you know: People may tell you that you’re taking the “easy way out” by divorcing, but it takes an incredible amount of…


OVER AND OUT: 10 Ways To Survive A Divorce — And Never Look Back

 ‘It’s Over!’ 10 Breakup Survival Tips to Get You Through Divorce You just got dumped, or maybe you broke up with someone. You just want to curl up and retreat from the world….


The Mind-Blowing Deception My Husband Pulled Off

I Was Married to a Con Man If my husband had been Pinocchio, his nose would have been a giant redwood. While we were married, I thought he was a real boy. Once…

Sexting Divorce

Sexting And Divorce

Dear Divorce Guru: First THANK YOU for such an amazing book…I was in an abusive relationship and my divorce became final on 12/30/10….your point about taking responsibility for “choosing him” was hard but…



Getting On With It After Divorce Moving on from your ex after a divorce is never easy. Even though you may still be angry with him or her, you will have moments when…

Divorce_Step Parent

6 Ways I’m Planning To Make My Second Marriage Last

My To Do List For 2nd Marriage I’m getting married for the second time in August. I’m marrying a woman that I truly love, but I truly loved my first wife and that…


How To Attract The Right Mate After Divorce

Learning to Date Again After Divorce Here’s a question from one of my readers about dating at midlife after divorce. Dear Maddisen, I’m a midlifer , divorced, with 50 percent custody of two great…


The Perks Of Being A Family Of Two

The Perks Of Being A Family Of Two   For spring break, I took my 7-year-old son to Disney World. As far as I am concerned, it’s a right of passage for any…

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