3 Things Women Must Do When Divorcing an Abusive Partner

Three Key Steps to Help a Woman Protect Her Finances When Leaving an Abusive Marriage Chris Brown’s performance and Best R&B Album win at the Grammy Awards earlier this month upset many women’s…


Why I’m Glad My Ex Stopped Paying Child Support

Child Support Independence Last May, the $3000 in child support I had received every month for the past eight years stopped. My ex-husband, who is independently wealthy and works sporadically, legally modified support…


Why I’m Dreaming About My Divorce House… Even Though I’m Still Married

The Secret Divorce Dreams Of Married Women I know it’s a cliché. Perhaps a bit retro. But I fantasize about one day living in my dream house, complete with a white picket fence….

Divorce and Hidden Assets

Divorce and Hidden Assets

Divorce and Hidden Assets Not surprisingly, assets are often hidden in a divorce situation. Why – well simply greed, or the feelings of betrayal or anger at the need to divide assets in…


Dividing Real Estate in Divorce

Dividing Real Estate in Divorce Determining Real Estate Value. The first step in dealing with real estate issues is to determine the value of the property. If the parties are unable to agree…


Emotional And Financial Costs Of Divorce Are On The Rise

How Much Will Your Divorce Cost You? While divorce rates have been in a slight decline in recent years, the emotional and financial effects of divorce are rising exponentially.  Battles and bickering over…

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