Can I Go To Hell For Divorce?

Is Divorce Really A Sin?

Divorce_HellCan I go to hell for divorce? For divorce, in that I mean divorcing my spouse. Divorce is a terrible thing for anyone. In every family, in every country on the planet, we have all been scarred by it’s effects. The one who has been divorced, or has divorced another, may look back many years later and wonder what might have been. And those same also wonder if God’s curse is upon them for following through with their decision and thus want to know, “can I go to hell for divorce?

The bible points out that God does not like divorce. Of course, should He like it, what would be the results then. Let us not forget, that He does have a plan and that plan has a purpose and it involves people. People come from families and functional families come from functional intact relationships. If people continue to come from broken families, the vicious circle will only continue. I say all of this, to say, stay together if at all possible.

But, it is not always possible and because man is the way he is, divorce happens and God still loves us and wants us to find happiness still, not to send anyone to hell. God’s aim is always for our happiness and if this were not the case, He would be for our misery, and thus would have already dealt with all of us by now and we would not be having this discussion now, would we?

Where in the bible does God say He hates divorce? For those reading this particular post, it is because it pertains to you and thus you have already looked up the bible verse any how, but you do not understand it’s meaning. So, to refresh thy memory, it is Malachi 2:16, “God hates divorce…..” God loves His plan and it involves husbands and wives staying together and thus it would make since for Him to hate what is not in His plan.

When I do wrong and sin, it is not part of God’s plan and he hates that. And frankly, I hate it too. I hate it when my daughter goes against my rules, because I know what is best for her and when she doesn’t follow my rules, she forms bad habits and the continual forming of bad habits will eventually end in disaster. I still love her though

God still loves us, because he understands where we came from. He also knows where we will end up if we do not stop beating ourselves up for the decision we made, wrong though they may be biblically. It is the guilt that we carry around with us, thinking that we will go to hell for this or that. We will continue to sin and that is a fact. How and what we decide to deal with that sin for the rest of our natural born lives is a different thing entirely. You can be released of the guilt you have for the decisions that have been made. Believers understand that there is no sin greater then another, as all are the same in God’s eyes. They asked for forgiveness and go on, knowing they are forgiven. The unbeliever can not know this peace that comes from forgiveness from any and all sins.

The question will be raised, what if there is abuse? Even in relationships where there is abuse, there has been reconciliation. It is not always the case, but God can work in any situation if given the opportunity, but He rarely is. In these types of situations, it is best to separate, receive professional counseling and leave room for God to do his work and He will. We make it to easy for ourselves to give up on God. He can heal and He does. He did in my marriage.

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