Are your friends helping or hurting your divorce?

Who do you spend the most time with? Are they happy optimistic people or bitter victims?

Divorce_friendsWhy do I ask?

Because research shows that moods are contagious and in less than the time that it takes for our
conscious minds to decipher the mood of someone we meet, our faces will mimic that person’s
expression and our minds and bodies, will experience the same emotions. In other words, we catch each others’ emotions, both positive and negative – like contagious viruses and, we don’t even realize it’s happening because it happens at a subconscious level.

You see a friend hit her knee on a door jam and immediately flinch in sympathy. You watch your child run to catch fly ball and feel your heart racing with his. You see your husband’s scowling face and you can’t wait to rake him over the coals. These are examples of facial expression mimicry or mirroring. This mirroring, and the unconscious effect it has on you also is referred to as the power of association.

What does this mean to you during divorce?

The power of association has a HUGE impact on how you think, what you do, and the actions you take.

If you spend time with people who are always angry and making decisions from a place of fear and scarcity, it is likely that, over time, you may begin to feel angry, adopt a scarcity mentality, and make decisions from a place of fear.

If, on the other hand, you spend time with people who, despite their life challenges, are optimistic and make decisions from a place of love and abundance, it is probable that you will do the same. When it comes down to it, the power of association is critical to how you handle the stress, adversity, and toll that divorce normally takes on people.

It is also critical to how you will make decisions in your divorce. When you are surrounded and supported by a group of like-minded people who are also striving to have a soul centered divorce, you will be better able to remain committed to your path and to that which you
know is true for you.

This is why I created my Soul Centered Divorce Coaching Circles. So an intimate group of like-minded divorcing women anywhere in the world and I can meet regularly, on the telephone, Skype (video) or in person (in the San Francisco bay area) and enhance each others lives
during divorce through the power of association.

In my Soul Centered Divorce Coaching Circles, which are described in detail on this page:

Women learn how to use my soul centered divorce process in their divorces, share experiences, brainstorm options, identify possible strategies, maintain accountability, act as sounding boards, build friendships, and help each other make soul centered decisions in every phase and
type of divorce. They also navigate their divorces with encouragement, support, and an abundance mentality instead of coming from a place of fear, and forge friendships that last
a lifetime.

Because I believe so strongly in the power of association and know that during divorce it can be very difficult to find a consistent source of positivity and support, I would love for you to join one of my Soul Centered Divorce Coaching Circles.

When you participate in my Soul Centered Coaching Circles you receive the following:

* Group Coaching. On the 1st and 3rd weeks of every month
you will participate in confidential group coaching
sessions with an intimate group of women and I via
telephone. (I do not provide legal advice in these
group coaching sessions and no attorney-client relationship
is formed.)

* Peer Support. On the 2nd and 4th weeks of every month
you will receive peer support from another member of your
Coaching Circle. You will be paired with a partner and
encouraged to speak with her between group coaching sessions.
You will hold each other accountable so you get things
done. (All participants sign confidentiality agreements
so identities and issues remain confidential.)

* Private Focused Coaching. In the 4th week of every month,
I open my personal telephone line for focused coaching,
where you will receive my undivided attention. You can
call and speak with me privately about issues you don’t
want to discuss in the group coaching sessions or as
things that come up between group calls. You can use this
time to speak with me about the decisions you are facing
and making so I can give you support and encouragement
that helps keep you on a soul centered track. (I do not
provide legal advice in these focused coaching sessions
and no attorney-client relationship is established. I do,
however, help you identify the feelings and facts you may
need to make choices in divorce that are “right” for you.)

* “The Soul Centered Divorce, 7 Steps to Making Difficult
Divorce Decisions with Confidence and Clarity”. You will
receive a copy of my latest book, which we will use during
the group coaching sessions as a guide and you will use
between sessions, to work through your divorce.

New Coaching Circles with a limited number of participants are now being formed. If you would like to speak with me or my assistant to determine if my Coaching Circles are right for you, please feel free to call, toll free at 1-800-278-1712.

Or, if you’re ready to connect with your peers and I so we can lend you the support and encouragement you need in your divorce, register now by visiting this page:

About The Author

Helene Taylor
Author, Coach, Mediator
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  1. Beware of your “friends”. My BFF leading up to my divorce turned out to be a snake in the grass. She kept encouraging me to give up everything and divorce my husband. She acted like she hated him and was always talking about what a jerk he was and how I could do so much better. She would even cap on his looks and tell me he was ugly and dirty. I hated him and wanted out but she just badgered me and was always bringing it up. I actually worked for my husband and she knew I couldn’t leave him until I found another job so she contacted my college I had attended and sent them a letter of recommendation about me. I thought she was being a good friend and I told her everything. She told my ex everything which they eventually used against me in court. As soon as I left him and he fired me, she left her husband, took him for everything and now she and my ex are together and she is living in my house and raising my kids. I lost everything because of her. Trust no one when going through a divorce.

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